About Timber Lakes

Timber lakes Estates is a gated mountain subdivision located about eight miles east of Heber City, Utah, in the western-most end of the Uinta Mountain range. Approximately 1,470 lots are located in Timber Lakes, with about 900 cabins. There are approximately five miles of paved road and 30 miles of gravel road in the subdivision. The full-time population according to the 2020 census was 607. Click here for the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association website.

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About the Weather

Timber Lakes weather varies widely depending on where in the subdivision one is located. The topography varies greatly due to the approximate 3,000-foot elevation change from the gate to the top. Also, the direction the slope faces on various lots affects snowfall. The weather data from the specific location for this website may not be representative of other Timber Lakes properties.

About this Weather Station

The weather data for this site is collected by a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus™ personal weather station, located high on the east side in Timber Lakes, Utah. The data is collected every 2.5 seconds and uploaded to this page at various intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the type of data. Some statistical data is updated daily or once in a while, whichever is more convenient at the time. The software used to collect, store, organize, calculate and upload the data is WeatherCat by Trixology, a comprehensive macOS solution for personal weather stations.

Weather Data © 2013-2022 Creekside Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This page is powered by a Mac®, a lot of hot air, and WeatherCat:

A brief history:

Date Event
May 2000 Plugged in Oregon Scientific digital display clock with wireless external temperature sensor, launching my career as a weather hobbyist
May 2007 Installed Davis Vantage Pro2 personal weather station
August 2013 Installed WeatherCat software version 1.0
September 2013 Added simple weather page to TimberLakesUtah.com, including current conditions and SteelSeries Gauges
October 2013 Began reporting data to Weather Underground and CWOP
November 2013 Began reporting data to Met Office
February 2014 Began reporting data to PWS
April 2014 Changed the battery in the weather station for the first time in 7 years
June 2014 Replaced old weather station with Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus, which added sensors for solar radiation and ultraviolet light
July 2014 Relocated anemometer to record more accurate wind speed and direction, installed heater in snow collector to melt snow, allowing same-day recording of the precipitation associated with snowfall
August 2014 Redesigned the weather page on TimberLakesUtah.com, adding statistics and links to historical data
September 2014 Upgraded software to WeatherCat version 2.0, began reporting data to CoCoRaHS, replaced the battery in the weather station again, after only five months – discovered that the solar panel was not reconnected after moving the anemometer in July
October 2014 Added a weather webcam, began reporting data to Weathercloud
February 2015 Upgraded SteelSeries Gauges, added lunar information and NOAA-style reports to TimberLakesUtah.com
March 2015 Began reporting data to AWEKAS
May 2015 Began tweeting data on Twitter
September 2015 Refurbished weather data console after static electricity shorted out the LCD display (indicating a poorly designed device – some engineer assumed that an electronic device located at high altitude in an arid climate would never be exposed to a static charge – must have obtained his/her degree online from the University of $75 Master’s Degrees and Hot Dog Emporium – can you tell this incident ticked me off? It did, but it also modified my behavior; I no longer touch the weather data console whilst wearing wool socks unless I am also wearing my anti-space-alien tinfoil hat)
October 2015 Replaced wireless transmitting board in the weather station
January 2016 Relocated weather data console to eliminate RFI interference
April 2016 Replaced wireless transmitting board, again – they don’t make ’em like they used to
August 2016 Rebuilt TimberLakesUtah.com after being hacked (hackers should definitely be placed on the top of the list to emigrate to another planet) – subsequently upgraded the software with tighter security enhancements and hacking deterrents – recoded the weather page to make it more smartphone friendly in landscape mode – added a direct link for Timber Lakes-based forecasts and radar – also added a graphical plot to represent the sun’s current position
November 2016 Added a daily time-lapse movie to the website for those who want to see today’s weather changes in approximatley 60 seconds (or less)
February 2017 Performed maintenance on the ISS (integrated sensor suite) without the necessity of a ladder due to a 15-foot pile of snow and ice that is pushed up at the end of driveway – I climbed the mound and was able to easily reach across and complete minor maintenance on the ISS
March 2017 Added a table to the website to display the current winter season’s daily snowfall accumulation
August 2017 Relocated the ISS 15 feet north to a more accurate location for measuring solar radiation and UV light – the new location will also allow the solar panel on the ISS to be in direct sunlight for a longer period of time during the day – replaced the power cable to the Snow Collector Heater – checked the voltage on the transmitter battery: 3.2 volts under load which means that battery stays in action for a while longer to prolong spending $10 – beefed up the website security and malware scans so that owners and guests can use our website without worrying about malware, viruses, or the Bears Ears National Monument
September 2017 Removed links to AWEKAS from TimberLakesUtah.com – too many problems on their end and I don’t speak enough German to resolve them
October 2017 Removed a dead leaf that was stuck in the rain collector cup and messing up precipitation data – While I was up there, I replaced the transmitter battery because I don’t want to have to do it during a blizzard this winter
March 2018 Upgraded software to WeatherCat version 3.0, with a 64-bit engine and support for rich client protocol (RCP) – this may not be impressive to you, but it very meaningful to me as it makes collecting and sharing weather data much more fun
April 2018 Removed the snow tires from my Subaru on April 27, thereby guaranteeing we would have at least one more snowstorm before the end of the month – 3 days later it snowed 4 inches
July 2018 Upgraded the SteelSeries Gauges to version 2.7.1 and then went outside to look at Mars, which appeared brighter this week in the southern sky (because it was closer to earth) than has been the case for the past 15 years
August 2018 After an absence of one year, I reinstalled the links to AWEKAS from TimberLakesUtah.com – We’ll see if they have resolved their problems during the past year
November 2018 Installed a new Ambient Weather clock that projects the time and outside temperature on the ceiling so when I wake up I can look up and decide whether or not to get out of bed
December 2018 Upgraded the SteelSeries Gauges to version 2.7.2 and then went outside to look at the spectacular Geminid Meteor Shower, which which was displaying an estimated 100 to 150 “shooting stars” per hour
February 2019 Upgraded the SteelSeries Gauges to version 2.7.3 and then went outside to look at the Super Snow Moon, 2019’s biggest and brightest super moon, as it is the closest the Moon’s orbit will bring it to Earth this year
April 2019 Added the following forecasts to the website: flood, wildfire, three-month precipitation, drought, a link to the Utah Water Supply Briefing, and a partridge in a pear tree
November 2019 Configured new graphics displays for weather radar and forecasts, added additional links for wildfire forecasts and drought information – sold a giant snowblower and purchased a sized-for-humans snowblower – not anticipating less snowfall, just saving my sanity
December 2019 Added rolling 3-day NWS forecast maps
January 2020 Added alternate Timber Lakes WU forecast option and replaced some-time functioning NWS radar with usually-functioning WU radar map
April 2020 Added seasonal weather charts depicting Utah Snotel Snow Water Equivalency and US Spring Flooding Potential
June 2020 Added seasonal weather chart depicting Utah Snotel Water Year compared to normal – changed the battery in the weather station after it ran flawlessly for more than 4 years – it would have run longer but I was up on the ladder re-leveling the rain collector cup and decided to change it whilst there to avoid having to potentially change it later during a blizzard
July 2020 Added link to the NWS Forecast Office in Salt lake City because they do an excellent job of displaying weather watches and warnings for the entire state and they post an interesting daily visual graph of Utah’s weather conditions
September 2020 Added link to the WAQI website, which displays realtime air quality data from sensors located in the counties surrounding Timber Lakes
December 2020 Removed WeatherUnderground forecast option as it has turned into an obnoxious advertising page instead of a weather forecast
January 2021 Upgraded the SteelSeries Gauges to version 2.7.5
February 2021 Added a graphical display of sunrise and sunset times
May 2021 Revised html code for the weather page to conform to changes made in WordPress 5.7
September 2021 Separated and moved the weather data from TimberLakesUtah.com (the official Timber Lakes website) to TimberLakesWeather.com (the official self-proclaimed weather site) to accommodate continuing automatic updates, which were no longer possible after Timber Lakes moved its website to a new, dedicated host – I know this is too much information in the “who cares?” category, but I care, which is why I did it 😃
December 2021 Updated “Normal Precipitation” (which is calculated over a 30-year period) to drop the 1990s and add the 2010s – this resulted in the average annual precipitation for the Timber Lakes area falling to 28.98 inches from 32.8 inches – this changes reflects the impact of the ongoing drought on our mountain
April 2022 Stopped using Google Analytics to track website visitors because, well, it’s Google, and I don’t trust them – I have been re-watching The X-Files and I don’t trust anyone, except maybe The Lone Gunmen, Richard “Ringo” Langly, Melvin Frohike, and John Fitzgerald Byers (if you know, you know) – “The Truth is Out There”

Multiple Lot Owners

If you own more than one lot, or you jointly own more than one lot with someone else, you are entitled to enjoy a proportionally larger amount of the total weather in Timber Lakes. You have to go outside to fully experience most weather phenomena occurring on your lot(s), unless you leave all your doors and windows open, which is not recommended by either the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the National Weather Service.


You are required to read the following paragraph by Page 8, Section 6 of the 1896 Constitution of the State of Utah

THE FINE PRINT IN PLAIN ENGLISH AND A LITTLE DUTCH: The weather data on this site is generated as a hobby from a personal weather station located on the upper mountain on the east side of Timber Lakes. This weather station is privately owned and operated, and is not officially affiliated with the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association, or any business or governmental entity. No one should rely on the accuracy of the data or the forecast. This weather data is provided for gee-whiz purposes only and should not be used as the basis for any travel or recreational decisions, or as collateral for a personal loan. Any similarity to actual weather is purely coincidental. The data has not been verified for accuracy and should not be used as a substitute for good information, good sense, good manners, good taste, good company, good feelings, good grief, good vibrations, good food, good times, good looks, good news, good ideas, goodwill, good choice, good gravy, good color, good money, good toast, good guess, good cholesterol, good dog, good grammar, good housekeeping, good joke, good luck, good old days, good old boys, good one, good discovery, good afternoon, good vs. evil, good place to eat, good riddance, good username and password, good song, good questions, good answers, good mood, good intentions, good night, good job, goodness sakes, Good Golly Miss Molly, Johnny B. Goode, Good Morning America, Good Charlotte, Good Will Hunting, the Good Humor Man, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, applying sunscreen or wearing a seatbelt while operating a motor vehicle. This data will probably not bruise fruit or frighten small animals away from your cabin. The weather is not covered by, nor responsible for, the Affordable Healthcare Act. The same goes for your health. The weather in Timber Lakes is not included in the Bears Ears National Monument or any of its subsequent resized monuments and is therefore not being sued by everyone and their dog. Please keep your arms and legs inside your cabin at all times until the weather has come to a complete stop. Flying squirrels courtesy of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Side effects from watching the weather gauges on this page may include: headache, nausea, muscular dysfunction, cancer, SARS, baldness, bird flu, diarrhea, constipation, blue urine, brain failure, shortness of breath, blurred vision, unrealistic anticipation of being beamed up by Mr. Scott, dancing teeth, coyote attack, falling rocks, rubber bones, mall leg, bug eyes, ATVs on your roof, illusions of grandeur, extra weather in your yard, hallucinations of the TLPOA Board wearing tutus, and tearing the fabric of the space-time continuum. Check with a medical professional before spending any significant time on this page. If you are a werewolf, please review lunar information for the date and time of the next full moon. Then stay home. The weather may not be enjoyed by anyone without the express written consent of the Transdimensional Intergalactic Space Agency, the United Nations, the United States Government, the Governor of the State of Utah, the Wasatch County Council, the Mayor of Heber City, the National Forest Service, the Rainbow Family of Living Light, both members of the Union Cycliste Internationale (Pro Cycling Tour) who are drug free, the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association, the Head Honcho of the Water Company, some dude at WalMart, Chuck Norris, Mr. Clean, the Chief of Police of Granite Flats, Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee and Opie, Captain Picard, anyone who owns an Apple Watch, someone from Northern Ireland, the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, Lord Tiberius Skärva the Fourth, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Al Trautwig (but only in the unlikely event that he ever makes a knowledgeable, informed comment about olympic gymnastics) and your high school science teacher (good luck finding him – he has probably already been beamed up by Mr. Scott). Not insured by the FDIC. Tax, title, licensing fees and service charges are extra. No animals, humans, or employees of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were harmed during the uploading of any weather data to this site. If you say something bad about us it will bounce back and stick to you like a hound on a pork chop. Weather provided by Mother Nature. May contain nuts. Weather is for indoor or outdoor use only. Actual weather not included – you have to go outside for that.
Note: The preceding paragraph is brought to you by the National Association of Mechanical And Seriously Technical Engineers (Namaste).

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